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I was recently accepted into Eye Lounge in June, it’s my first time in the art scene outside of school. I am very grateful for the opportunity because knowing me, I am extremely shy and find it hard to socialize. It is like the precursor to my awkwardness that will shine when I’m actually in the public space.

It forces me to be accountable for my work and others’ so it’s just what I need to put my career into action.  Already, I have my first show up until September 9th, then I will be in a group pop-up show the weekend on September 14-16th called #WIP. There will be a few more that I’ll have more information on when the time comes to it. That’s just with the lounge!

At the Third Friday opening of the exhibition I met this wonderful woman named Saloua (the only real reason why I’m putting this blog thing into action) who has multiple businesses and is genuinely interested in helping me grow mine. In just the few weeks after I feel like I can trust in myself to be ‘bout my bidness.

It is literally a new chapter in my life. I had planned at the beginning of this year to be moved across the country. I challenged myself to be shown in Phoenix at least once before I left, so I accomplished it. The only drawback is that I have to stay here for the membership. At the same time it isn't a real drawback because of all the doors it opens, it has already opened so many. I have been trying to find a purpose work/ money work balance but kept giving too much time to the one that makes money. I know in order to give all to my purposeful work I have to sacrifice the money. Thankfully I have a team that believes in me and takes care of the bill for me when I’m really in need.

I’m currently working on things that are small but things that I have been putting off. I finally put together a website that I like, creating a blog that feels natural, and that I want to write. Being accepted to the gallery helped give me the confidence and belief that I am good enough to apply to and receive grants and residencies  It’s all so new, I’m terrified of it all but I know I have to continue because living at my momma’s forever ain’t the move.

As they always say, if you’re comfortable you’re not growing- or some other nonsense that tries to push you out of your comfort zone. As per my rebuttal (because I always have to have one) if I’m going to so uncomfortable all of the time, I’m gonna at least dress comfortable.