Brianna Noble

On the path to discovering myself in relation to my community, I had to stop and analyze myself in relation to me. I thought that since I had spent a moment everyday of adult life reassuring that I love myself unconditionally, that I had it all figured out. I thought I could get further than the subjects presented here because I know me better than anyone. What I did not know was that in those 5 years, I had merely scratched the surface.
Initially, the goal was to understand how I, and women like me are seen in our community. I wanted to know how we belong and if I accept it. Every time I got further than the subject of myself, I was thrusted back. I had not completely accepted my body and beliefs as I thought. 
Paying attention to the paint as it is my own skin is as important as the history and origins of the palette and sketch. I have to know where I am starting, why I am touching on this subject, and making sure I do not get shy. With constant critique and praise I justify whether or not the story on the canvas is whole and true. The truth of feeling alone, awkward, uncomfortable, unattractive, or unwanted had to remain prevalent. Although, on the other end it must be clear that I down right do not give a damn if someone else is bothered by my confidence.
These oil paintings before you are the womanifestation of my perception of who I am in relation to who I am told to be. The purpose is to make these images ordinary. I should feel comfortable in my skin in any setting as should the people like me and those viewing us.


Curriculum Vitae


2017 BFA (painting emphasis), Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

2014 Associates in Arts- Phoenix Community College, Phoenix, AZ

2012 Diploma- Central High School, Phoenix, AZ,


2019 To be determined…, Solo Exhibition, Eye Lounge, Phoenix, AZ

2019      In the Blink of an Eye, Group Exhibition, Eye Lounge, Phoenix, AZ

2019       Americana, Group Exhibition, Modified Arts, Phoenix, AZ

2018-19 All Eyes, Group Exhibition, Eye Lounge, Phoenix, AZ

2018 A Vibelane Release Party, Group Exhibition, Lime Studios, Phoenix, AZ

2018 #WIP, Group Exhibition, Eye Lounge, Phoenix, AZ

2018 Just Checking In, Solo Exhibition, Eye Lounge, Phoenix, AZ

2018 Not So Secret Fest, ASU Secret Garden, Tempe, AZ

2018 Starbucks Coffee Company, Phoenix, AZ

2017 Coalesce, Group Exhibition, Harry Wood Gallery, ASU, Tempe, AZ

2017 We Witnessed, Group Exhibition, ASU Gallery 100, Tempe, AZ

2014 Art Wall Walkway, Phoenix Community College, Phoenix, AZ


2019 Wonderspaces LLC, Art Guide, Scottsdale, AZ

2018 Eye Lounge Member, Eye Lounge- an artist collective,  Phoenix, AZ

2018 Leading Community Painting, Starbucks Coffee Company, store #13213, Phoenix, AZ (coming May, 2018)

2017 Teaching “Find Your Inner Picasso”, Christown YMCA, Phoenix, AZ


2018 Voyage Phoenix article


Efficient with oil paint and mediums

Exhibition installation

Calm under pressure